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Using the growth of project management, the 'PMO' acronym is becoming highly recognized and very popular term. Many organizations today get one type of a PMO or any other. However, this term continues to be quite misinterpreted, and also the three letters can often mean various things for various people. You should establish since within the situation of PMO One Size Doesn't Fits All. For more information on PMO services, visit our website today.

Exactly what does the abbreviations PMO means?

There's no agreement in the market on a single common meaning of what these 3 letters mean. Most frequently, they are utilised to possibly mean:

Project Management Office poor this short article we'll use PjMO whenever we make reference to this kind of PMO

Program Management Office (let's refer to it as PgMO)

Portfolio Management Office (say PtMO)


We've also heard the word 'PMO' accustomed to mean 'PM Officer', 'PM Organization', among other usage.

For portfolio management, PtMO isn't a common term. Even if a company includes a function accountable for the portfolio of projects it's frequently known as PMO only or anything else for example: Parts per million (Project Portfolio Management) or EPMO (Enterprise Project Management Office).

Therefore, the word PMO most frequently describes Program or Project Management Office. The primary practical variations between both of these uses are that the PgMO is recognized as more proper having a concentrate on programs and program management whereas PjMO is much more operational using the focus on managing single projects. Consequently, PgMO typically report in a greater level within the organization than the usual PjMO.

Are PMO exactly the same?

No, they aren't!

To describe the different sorts of PMO will need a magazine. What we should will show listed here are two major regions of confusion in using the word.

First Difference (Project or Program)

As described earlier, the variations begin with if the PMO is really a PjMO, PgMO, or PtMO. We revealed that PtMO isn't common to ensure that leaves us with PjMO or PgMO.

The primary distinction within this situation is the phrase 'program' a course includes many projects and program management is all about managing programs. This distinction is essential because it results in different approaches of management building a program is very diverse from building a project.

In summary: the very first improvement in using the word may be the focus from the PMO may be the PMO concentrating on managing projects or programs?

Second Difference (Business)

The 2nd difference relates to the next: may be the PMO established particularly for just one project/program or will it be for the business projects and programs? Let's explain:

Temporary Body Project/Program: What we should mean here's frequently "clients" organizations appoint a project management company to assist them to run a major or mega project. If the company (the company and services information) is managing (or helping a "client" manage) a significant project or program and also the PMO is devoted for this one project (or program)... then your term PMO is a different way to make reference to a Project (or Program) Management Team (PMT). Within this scenario, once the project/program finishes the business will dissolve the PMO. Quite simply, the PMO is temporary.

Permanent - Business: The greater traditional and globally recognized utilisation of the term PMO typically describes an business PMO. The business might be a department, proper business unit, or perhaps greater level. During these various cases, the PMO is for the entire 'organization'. Quite simply, this PMO may be the Project Management Function inside the organization and it is permanent.

Are business PMO exactly the same?

Once more NO, and we're to what we should stated earlier, there's no common definition or agreement on which a PMO is. However, once the PMO is business, what most would agree would be that the PMO isn't for just one project or program but it's for all those projects and programs inside the organization.

In that way, what's the role or purpose of the PMO?

This could vary, frequently on the PMO Continuum once we will show inside a future article

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